October 21

I Discovered Driving Was Killing Me – Window Tinting Saved Me

While it is common to protect ourselves from the sun when we go outside, we don’t normally think about the effects that the sun may have on us indoors; especially while in the car. After spending so much time in my car, I realized that I had tan lines on my arms, chest, and face, as well as sunspots, and couldn’t figure out why since the only exposure I have had to the sun was by commuting to and from work and going to the grocery store twice a week. After realizing that because I spend at least 2 hours in my car each day during the week, the effects of UV rays are really significant, and gave me a dark tan line and dark sunspots on my hands, which surprised me.

By spending so much time in my car, I calculated an estimated 12-15 hours per week, I had a pretty good tan line going, sometimes, depending upon the weather that day, I would even get a sun burn; this really scared me and got me thinking, as I am always cautious about my sun exposure. I am the kind of person who puts on SPF 30 sunblock each time I know I am going to be in the sun. I wear sunglasses to protect my eyes, and try to stay in the shade as much as possible. After noticing my harsh tan lines and even sun spots on my hands, I became cautious about the possibility of skin cancer.

Melanoma, or skin cancer, is a deadly and invasive form of cancer if left untreated. UVA and UVB radiation are rays that the sun gives off. UVB rays are for the most part blocked by normal windows without a tint, but the UVA rays are what we should be worried about. 50 percent or more of the UVA rays are able to get through normal glass windows, risking our chance of getting melanoma greatly by simply being in our vehicles.

Window tinting Florence SC is a great way that we help keep ourselves protected by the harmful rays. If you have ever been in a car without window tinting you can see how much more sunlight hits your body as compared to a car with window tinting, which I noticed drastically once I’d got the tints put on my windows. The tint will also reduce the glare given off by the sun, making it easier on your eyes. Sun exposure to the skin, even by simply seeping through our vehicle’s glass, is cumulative making it easy to become damaged over time, like what I noticed happened to me. The more time we spend in our vehicle without window tinting, the higher chance we have of getting skin cancer so I now love window tinting in Florence SC.




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April 16

How to Buy a Used Electric Car With Great Heating and Air Conditioning


At first look, it may appear to be odd to see an article about how to purchase a utilized electric car when new electric cars are in constrained supply with practically the Tesla Roadster and Nissan Leaf the main electric vehicles customers can purchase as of mid-December 2010.  At the same time all, that is situated to environmental change with the landing of 2011. Authentic car makers are ready to jump into the electric vehicle market with the Nissan.

Here are the steps you have to take before purchasing a utilized electric car:

Where Are You Driving It

This becomes less an issue of separation yet of area. Do you like to raise a go at climbing frequently? Indeed, in the event that you use up juice in the forested areas, you can’t stroll to an electrical outlet for a container of force. Additionally, relatives you visit are only going to have outlets that give a stream charge best for the greenhouse effect.

Call the New Car Dealer

Say, for instance, you’re looking to purchase utilized Nissan Leaf. Check whether you can get on a sitting tight rundown for utilizing one. Ambitious merchants have to them. The merchant may oblige a little store. It’s your call on the off chance that you believe that is beneficial.

Determine which is best for you

Let’s take a gander at the Chevrolet Volt versus the Nissan Leaf. Leaf is an unadulterated electric car and has a slope of around 100 miles. Chevrolet Volt is an electric vehicle with a reinforcement gas motor. The two joined will convey around 300 miles. Volt will work better as an essential vehicle while the Leaf works best as a second, passenger car.

Does your value examine?

This is a genuinely early region on the grounds that the remaining qualities are quite recently being situated for electric vehicles by Black Book, an organization that predicts new car estimations in three years. Remember that managers of different electric cars got gigantic duty credits from the legislature. Utilized car electric vehicles are not going get government presents.

There need to carefully check on the

  • Determine the Warranty
  • Info about batteries in utilized electric vehicles
  • Get Ready To Be Disappointed
  • Get to Know an Existing Owner

Don’t Get Sucked In

Make beyond any doubt your cost is secured when you arrange. Don’t become involved with any offering war. Electric vehicles are about end up more prevalent. Unless you claim Chevy Volt 00001, they’re not going acknowledge in quality. Never let a merchant play you against another client to see who will pay more. It’s not a merchant you have to have a continuous association with. In case, you’re dealt with like this at the time of procurement, envision how severely you will be dealt with by the administrative division.

Look at where you live

Do not get amazed yet a few individuals really purchase utilized cars and after that don’t have the correct spot to stop them consistently. You will require a spot to module your electric cars each night. You may find me in a tight spot in the event that you live in a flat building until open charging stations get to be more pervasive.

Lastly recall that regardless you need to take after all the typical steps with regards to purchasing a electric utilized car. Verify you test commute it. Get it investigated. Acquire a vehicle history, as well as Utilized electric cars are much the same.

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February 19

Understanding Carbon Capture and Storage


What is Carbon Capture?

Carbon capture is the process of collecting the carbon dioxide gas emissions from large industrial power plants for safe storage underground. This is a preventative measure to ensure that there are minimal to no amounts released into the atmosphere. This is due to the fact that the gases released would severely impact the environment and have a significant effect on climate change.

Carbon dioxide is a natural gas that is released into the atmosphere, and the process of capturing the gases has been in practice for some time. However, environmental concerns regarding Carbon Dioxide and other greenhouse gases have put pressure on the government and various other agencies to limit the damage. Scientists realized that they would be able to utilize this method to dramatically reduce harmful emissions.

What is Carbon Storage?

This is the process of transporting the carbon once collected; currently this involves compressing the captured carbon and injecting it deep underground. Within the United States, transportation is mostly carried out through pipelines. However, other methods of carriage are used occasionally like trains and ships for example. The United states Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has estimated that there is approximately 1,800 to 20,000 metric tons of captured carbon. This is equivalent to between 600 to 6,700 years of the current level emissions from large industrial plants throughout the United States (EPA,2014)

The UK however, has currently received some level of criticism regarding their efforts to store carbon. For example, recently Professor Hazeldine, who is a leading expert in the field of carbon capture and storage, has addressed the issue with the Government
Stating that:

“What we are asking is that we go on and do something about it; that we stop talking and start doing.

People working on the pure science are depressed that their message is not being heard adequately and the people who are trying to do something practical working with industry are getting quite angry that they are being ignored as well.


Continually, governments just kick the can down the road in the UK and in Europe”.(BBCnews)

However, it is important to note that the UK Government suggests that it is making every effort to reduce climate change. Additionally they state that they are, and have always been “heavily committed to ‘environmental issues’”. Interestingly, there have been regular advertisements throughout the media targeting consumers, suggesting ways to reduce the amount of energy used. These infomercials encourage people to utilize electricity more efficiently in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

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February 19

The Electric Revolution- will 2015 see the rise of the Green car with great HVAC?

old electric car

The First ‘Green Car’

One of the first electric cars was built in late Victorian England by Thomas Parker, the engineer and inventor responsible for the electric powering of the London Underground. Interestingly, there was also a British-born Inventor who was also credited with building the first Electric car, in America. William Morrison was born in Scotland and immigrated to the US in 1880; it has been reported that he developed the car within a ‘secret basement’ which he nicknamed ‘the cave’.

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February 19

The Best Guide for Fastest Electric Car with great HVAC


Today, more and more people are looking into the electric car option for many reasons. Gas prices are high, emissions are causing major issues in the atmosphere, and you want to make sure that you are doing your part. A good electric car can save you a ton of money in gas, and can really protect you. However, there is some research you will want to do so that you will know if you are getting the best electric car out there. More importantly, you want the fastest electric car you can find on the market today. Look at these choices and learn all about the fastest electric cars out there.

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February 19

Best Electric Car With Great HVAC

best electric car

The opening decade of the 21st century marked the rumored launching of modern electric cars that were, time and again, foreseen to be the solution to high fuel prices and carbon footprint. As the next decade of the century unfolded, car manufacturers began introducing their best electric car models to the mainstream market.

Ford Focus Electric

First introduced as an ambitious concept electric car in 2009, the Ford Focus Electric began its production stage in December last year, and is expected to be ramped up by 2012. Its 100-kilowatt (130-horsepower) synchronous motor will be powered by a liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery rated at 23 kilowatt-hours (kWh). Expected to be the best electric car in 2012, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognizes the efficiency of the Ford Focus Electric to run up to 76 miles (122 km) on full charge.

Honda Fit Electric

Another model aspiring to be the best electric car is Honda Fit Electric, also known simply as the Fit EV. Preproduction of this vehicle began in November 2011 and is on limited release this year. In 2013, production models will be released on a greater scale. It is also powered by a lithium-ion battery pack, although also limited to only 20 kWh to drive the 92-kW coaxial electric motor; which is 98% efficient compared to a gasoline engine with only 15% efficiency rating.

Nissan Leaf

More than an aspirant, the Nissan Leaf is already a well-recognized all-electric car from 2010 to present, after it won a number of awards such as the 2010 Green Car Vision Award, and the 2011 World Car of the Year Award among many others. The 24-kWh battery of the Leaf powers the 80-kW (110-hp) synchronous motor. With these major electric car specifications, the Leaf is rated by the EPA to run up to 117 km (73 mi) on a full charge.

Chevrolet Volt

Produced and released at almost the same time as the Leaf is the Chevrolet Volt, which also garnered numerous awards such as the 2011 Green Car of the Year, and the 2012 European Car of the Year among other awards. The 5-door hatchback body style of the Volt has the greatest length in its class. Since the Volt is developed as a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, its 111-kW (149-hp) motor is complemented by a 1.4L four-cylinder engine. When running on all-electric mode, it can only reach 35 mi (56 km) with its 16-kWh lithium-ion battery.

best electric car

The Ford Focus Electric, the Honda Fit EV, the Nissan Leaf, and the Chevrolet Volt are among the best electric car models well-received by the mainstream market. As these green vehicles are just beginning to break grounds, exorbitant pricing standards have yet to drop down. Nonetheless, long warranties and tax incentives are greatly helping to attract more buyers.

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