October 21

I Discovered Driving Was Killing Me – Window Tinting Saved Me

While it is common to protect ourselves from the sun when we go outside, we don’t normally think about the effects that the sun may have on us indoors; especially while in the car. After spending so much time in my car, I realized that I had tan lines on my arms, chest, and face, as well as sunspots, and couldn’t figure out why since the only exposure I have had to the sun was by commuting to and from work and going to the grocery store twice a week. After realizing that because I spend at least 2 hours in my car each day during the week, the effects of UV rays are really significant, and gave me a dark tan line and dark sunspots on my hands, which surprised me.

By spending so much time in my car, I calculated an estimated 12-15 hours per week, I had a pretty good tan line going, sometimes, depending upon the weather that day, I would even get a sun burn; this really scared me and got me thinking, as I am always cautious about my sun exposure. I am the kind of person who puts on SPF 30 sunblock each time I know I am going to be in the sun. I wear sunglasses to protect my eyes, and try to stay in the shade as much as possible. After noticing my harsh tan lines and even sun spots on my hands, I became cautious about the possibility of skin cancer.

Melanoma, or skin cancer, is a deadly and invasive form of cancer if left untreated. UVA and UVB radiation are rays that the sun gives off. UVB rays are for the most part blocked by normal windows without a tint, but the UVA rays are what we should be worried about. 50 percent or more of the UVA rays are able to get through normal glass windows, risking our chance of getting melanoma greatly by simply being in our vehicles.

Window tinting Florence SC is a great way that we help keep ourselves protected by the harmful rays. If you have ever been in a car without window tinting you can see how much more sunlight hits your body as compared to a car with window tinting, which I noticed drastically once I’d got the tints put on my windows. The tint will also reduce the glare given off by the sun, making it easier on your eyes. Sun exposure to the skin, even by simply seeping through our vehicle’s glass, is cumulative making it easy to become damaged over time, like what I noticed happened to me. The more time we spend in our vehicle without window tinting, the higher chance we have of getting skin cancer so I now love window tinting in Florence SC.




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