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The Electric Revolution- will 2015 see the rise of the Green car with great HVAC?

old electric car

The First ‘Green Car’

One of the first electric cars was built in late Victorian England by Thomas Parker, the engineer and inventor responsible for the electric powering of the London Underground. Interestingly, there was also a British-born Inventor who was also credited with building the first Electric car, in America. William Morrison was born in Scotland and immigrated to the US in 1880; it has been reported that he developed the car within a ‘secret basement’ which he nicknamed ‘the cave’.

19th Century- 20th Century- Brief History of the Electric Car

Throughout the late 19th and early 20th century, electric vehicles were enormously popular among the middle classes in the US and UK respectively. However, there was a sharp decline around the middle of the 20th century due in part to three main factors: Firstly, with the discovery of large amounts of gasoline worldwide, it was realized that a car powered by gas was far more economical. Secondly, the primary disadvantage of the electric car was its inability to travel more than fifty miles at a time without the necessity to ‘recharge’ the battery. Lastly, the development of more advanced road infrastructures also had a significant impact, as it was felt that gas powered cars were more efficient.

During this time, it has to be remembered that cars were built as a means of transportation, and there was little knowledge or consideration put into the harmful effects of environmental pollution. Interestingly, this trend has now been reversed to some extent, as Environmentalists have always stated that gas powered cars are an extreme hazard.

Additionally, they argue that the carbon dioxide emissions produced by cars not only increases our carbon footprint, but in turn leads to a severe impact on the greenhouse effects.

How Does the Mileage Compare?

The comparison method of gasoline versus electrical power is referred to as ‘MPGE’. This is the calculation of the gas or diesel equivalent by the average distance traveled per unit of energy that is consumed

How Likely is the Green Car To Rise in 2014?

With this reversed trend, there has been a renewed interest in increasing the production and development of electric cars. A good example of this would be the car designed for Mitsubishi by San Rafael Mitsubishi in San Francisco., known as the ‘Mitsubishi I’. It is clear from their statement that they appear to have been heavily influenced by concerns about the environment.for more information, get redirected here.

“We are very pleased to introduce the all-electric Mitsubishi I into our fleet. This vehicle brings us one step closer toward our goal of having 50% of our fleet run on alternative fuel as part of our mission to decrease carbon emissions in the Bay Area,” said Rick Hutchinson, CEO of City Car-share.

old electric car

(2011, Woodyard)

Additionally, Ford is launching the ‘Ford Focus Electric’ in 2014, and it is expected to reach 124 miles on a full battery charge. There is also the added incentive of a federal grant reduction of $7,500 for owning an all-electric car.

The popularity of electric cars does appear to be rising, primarily due to environmental concerns and the favorable comparisons made by the MPGE ratings. What is not clear at this point, is whether or not there will be a future without gas powered cars, or whether the trend will reverse back to electric vehicles see http://www.minnicksclassiccars.com/the-electric-revolution-will-2014-see-the-rise-of-the-green-car/ for samples.

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